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My name is Jesse and I like movies.  Wait...  I LOVE movies! 

So, the quick version...


I began this incredible journey in videography years ago when I wrote and developed a feature film.  I dove head first in to all aspects of production and learned the ins and outs of cameras, editing software, VFX software and much more.  When we finally finished and delivered our baby to the world, I said...   "What do I do while developing the next one?"

Soon after, I voluntarily filmed a family friend's wedding...  It was then that I knew.  I immediately fell in love with the art of wedding videography.    


Having the ability to capture such raw and beautiful emotions such as joy, excitement and love was a pivotal turning point for me.  After delivering that special timepiece video and seeing the couple's reactions, I knew wedding videography was my path.      


With over 10 years of experience in videography and photography, I've honed my craft of telling stories through moving pictures with a fierce passion.  I live in San Luis Obispo CA, but love an adventure and have traveled the states to capture diverse and exciting video.  My mission is to provide affordable, heartfelt films for couples to have, years after their big day.  


A wedding should be remembered in beautiful, cinematic motion, and I'm here to provide that for you...     




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Wedding Film


Email or call today for a full list of pricing and budget customization options.  We look forward to learning all about you and your significant other and will work closely with you both in developing the perfect look and plan for your Wedding Film...

We're always open to traveling for weddings so feel free to call and ask!

Call or email today!

For any questions you have on pricing, planning or anything else, feel free to call our number below or email us using the contact form or email address.

Telephone:  805-748-3761




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